Saturday, August 11, 2007

Welcome To Ugoh's Humananatomy Blog

You are welcome to my blog where you will be served indept articles on Human Anatomy on a regular basis. I am an Anatomist who believes that the general public should know much more about Human Anatomy than is available right now.

Come to to think of it, why should Human Anatomy be treated like a taboo subject. After all, it is all about your body; how it really is and the functions of different organs.

Always come back here regularly to learn about your body, otherwise called the Human Anatomy.

To your Good health always.

Ugochukwu Esomonu
Dept. of Anatomy
Faculty of Medicne
Bayaro University
Kano State - Nigeria.


drvikram said...

Anatomy is not that much tough as if it looks when you happen to be got taught by very experienced doctor Dr SHM Abdi, who also taught in Africa, India (KGMC, AMU, ERA) watch his video lectures at

Calvary Mattah said...

Find free Human Anatomy PDFs on